Obtaining reliable and quality Agency staff can be a difficult process. At SCE we ensure we pick out the perfect Candidates to suit our Clients wants and needs, this careful and precise selection leads to a great relationship between our Clients and Candidates and we find that our Clients are always asking for the same staff members back for each shift. We pride ourselves on not only filling vacancies on time, but also filling them with Candidates that go above and beyond in their roles leaving our Clients constantly coming back for them.

We supply our staff on both a temporary and a permanent basis, depending on the request of the Client. Our consultants always provide only the top tier of staff for your business. We also ensure to fill vacancies regardless of time constraints. Any ‘Emergency Shifts’ with a short duration until the shift date/time will be treated with the upmost importance and are filled 99.7% of the time that they are requested (Official stats from our Recruitment system).

As a Candidate, our team will be available to you 24:7 and will be more than happy to answer any questions or queries you may have. Our Staff are all paid on a weekly basis through a timesheet system which will be explained to you during your registration. Joining us is a very simple process and a consultant will be assigned to help you through each step.